At Platinum Dog Training, we believe that educating owners is just as important as training their dogs. That’s why all of our training takes place with you, the owner, present. Whether we’re in your home, or out in public, we are focusing on not only teaching your dog, but educating you on how you can have the best possible relationship with your pet.

We use a balanced approach for training. Our training techniques have proven to be highly effective for even the most difficult of dogs, while also working wonders for dogs who already have a solid foundation, and are just looking to take that last step to excellence. We utilize e-collars during training, which helps us communicate clearly in higher distractions environments, as well as giving us the ability to get your dog fully off-leash obedient, if that is your goal!

Meet the Trainer:

Michael Powles

Michael founded Platinum Dog Training with the goal of helping families establish stronger bonds, and happier relationships with their dogs. Michael began his dog training career in 2021, and has learned throughout his career that educating owners on how to better teach and communicate with their dogs is his biggest strength, and the key to truly long-lasting transformations. Prior to beginning his training career, he volunteered with a rescue organization, fostering dogs who were in need of new forever homes. It was through those fosters that he realized working with dogs was his true calling. Outside of training, Michael loves to spend time with his wife, Raena, and their son, Lincoln. In the summer you can often find them at the beach at Gray’s Lake! He also has 3 dogs of his own, Rafi, Doc, and Harley.

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