Payment plans available! Contact us to learn more.

Platinum: $1,550

The Platinum Package includes:

  • 6 In-Home Lessons
  • 2 Public Lessons

Perfect for:

  • Advanced Obedience
  • Off Leash Capability
  • Aggression Issues
  • Reactivity
  • Proper Socialization

Gold: $1,250

The Gold Package includes:

  • 5 In-Home Lessons
  • 1 Public Lessons

Perfect for:

  • Stronger foundation of obedience
  • Intro to socialization
  • Minor behavioral issues (hyperactivity, resource guarding)

Silver: $850

The Silver Package includes:

  • 4 In-Home Lessons

Perfect for:

  • Basic foundation of obedience
  • Dogs with no major issues who just need a little help
  • Leash manners

One-Time E-Collar Course: $350

The course includes:

  • E-Collar from E-Collar Technologies (~$200 value)
  • One 90-minute training session

Perfect for:

  • Learning how to properly introduce and train using e-collar
  • Owners who want to train their own dogs, but need a little help getting started
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